Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals

According to Vogue Magazine, the gladiator sandal is one of those classic styles that never goes out of fashion. Sometimes called “glads” for short, this popular warm weather footwear features an open toe and multiple straps that criss-cross as they wrap around the ankle and calf.

Glads have quite a history. Ancient Greek and Roman art often shows gods and goddesses wearing gladiator sandals because they were sexy and a sign of status. The Greek poet Aeschylus inspired shoemakers to add high heels to increase the stature of wealthy wearers. The name “gladiator sandals” comes from the fact that they closely resemble the footwear worn by gladiators in ancient Rome.

The modern gladiator sandal soared to popularity in the 1960s. The advent of the miniskirt rewrote the rules of fashion. The gladiator sandal was the perfect accessory. Glads emphasized bare legs, creating a sizzling sexy look that has lost none of its impact in the years since. Glads quickly became a fashion must. Although their popularity wanes from time to time, gladiator sandals always come back and have earned a permanent place in anyone’s wardrobe.

Today, gladiator sandals by BHD are available in all sorts of styles. You can find them in fashionable stores and shoe boutiques all across the nation. A range of colors is available. Glads can be accented with rhinestones, beads and other decorations. Check out the choices and make sure you are ready to look your gladiator hottest when warm weather rolls around.

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